CD review - Cadence 7-8-9/2010 Magazine

press review

Cadence 7-8-9/2010 Magazine, pgs. 158-159.

David Dupont.

“This recording is a thoroughly enjoyable tribute to mainstream Jazz solo piano. Truly international—Claus is German, Albanese American, and Shirasaki Japanese—the session celebrates the Jazz of mid-century America. “Lennie’s Pennies” opens with a chorus of “Pennies from Heaven” done in old-time fashion stride before slipping into the Tristano head; heady territory to light upon, but she -Ayako Shirasaki- handles it with admirable aplomb obviously echoing Tristano’s own solo style in spots, but moving far, far beyond imitation. The performance is an ebullient end to a party for piano lovers.”

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